Cat Adoption Application


  Please note: Applicants must be 23 years of age or older. Also note that it may take up to 3 days to get a response from Forgotten Paws Rescue regarding this application, so please be patient. Also, most responses are initially via e-mail, so be sure your e-mail address is accurate below, and be sure to check your e-mail for a reply from Forgotten Paws.

By filling out the following application you are agreeing to the terms set forth in the Adoption Process and all fee's associated with adoption. If you have not reviewed this information please do so before applying. Forgotten Paws reserves the right to refuse any applicant.

Requirement for adoption, no acceptions: Your current pet must be spayed or neutered. If you need assistance to get this completed, we are always happy to help. Pets adopted from our organization cannot have their appearance altered in anyway unless for medical reason set forth by a licensed veterinarian (ie amputation). Pets CANNOT have tails or ears cropped and cats CANNOT be declawed. This is a legal stipulation in the adoption agreement that will be enforced.

This form must be filled out in its entirety to be considered



First Name: Last Name: Age: Occupation:
Co-applicant (Spouse or Significant Other):
First Name: Last Name: Age: Occupation:
Street address:
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Home Phone: Work Phone: Cell Phone:

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E-mail (required field):

What is the name of the the CAT you are interested in?

List any general questions you would like to ask about this particular cat:

Are you willing to allow a representative from Forgotten Paws Rescue to visit your home by appointment? Yes No
Why are you adopting a cat:

Things that turn you off about a pet: Shedding Drooling Scratching Digging Jumping Other

Please indicate where you live: apartment house condo townhouse trailer or mobile home
Do you... rent home own home
If you rent, do you have the landlord's permission to own a cat? Yes No
      What is the apartment complex name?
      What is the landlord's phone number?
      How much is the pet deposit? $

How many times have you moved in the past 5 years? times
If you move, will your pet go with you? Yes No
What would you do if your next home doesn't accept pets?
What major life changes do you see in the next 15 years?

Do you or anyone in your household currently have any serious health problems? Yes No
If so, please describe:
A commitment to a cat can be for many years. Can you provide a permanent home for this cat for 10-15 years? Yes No

Will the cat be: primarily indoors   primarily outdoors   outdoors only   indoors only a barn cat

Number of adults in household?
Relationship(s):   spouse   roommate(s)   life partner   other - please specify:
Does anyone in the household smoke? Yes No
Will this cat be a surprise or a gift to someone? Yes No
If yes, who?
Do any family members have allergies? Yes No If yes, please explain:
Do any children live in the house? Yes No
If so, what are their gender/ages?

Number, type, breed, size and age of pets currently in household?

Where does your current cat and/or cat stay when home alone during the day?

Has your current cat or cat ever been around other cats? Cats: Yes No cats: Yes No

Were there any issues between the cats and cats?
Where will your new cat stay when home alone during the day?

Where do current pets sleep at night?
Where will the new cat sleep at night?

Do any of your current or did any of your past pets live primarily outdoors? Yes No
If yes, please describe pet:

Were all previous pets spayed/neutered? Yes No
Are all current pets spayed/neutered? Yes No

Is your current cat declawed? Yes No If yes, why?

Do you know what heartworm disease is and how to prevent it? Yes No
Is your current cat or was your previous cat on heartworm prevention medication? Yes No
If yes, how often do/did you give the heartworm medication? What brand do/did you use?

What is your veterinarian's name and phone number?
What do you expect annual pet care (vet care, medication, heartworm preventative, etc.) to cost yearly?   $

How many cats have you owned in the past?
If any, please describe what happened to each of them (put to sleep, run over, died of old age, sold, given away, ran away, etc.)

Who will be responsible for the daily care and training of your new cat?

How do you plan to prevent fleas and ticks?
How many hours will the cat be home alone on a typical day?

What percentage of time will the cat spend inside the house? %
Will your new cat be allowed on the furniture? Yes No

Have you ever had a serious behavior problem with a previous cat? Yes No
If so, please describe:

Do you have a cat door? Yes No

Have you always kept an ID tag (other than a rabies tag) bearing your phone number on your pets? Yes No
Are you willing to keep a collar and ID tag on all of your pets including a new cat at all times? Yes No

Is your current (or past) cat trained off leash on commands? Yes No
What circumstances, in your mind, justify giving a cat up?   moving   new baby   not getting along with other pets   divorce   getting out of fence   behavioral problems   children lost interest   if it gets too big   too time consuming   shedding   allergies   housebreaking problems   medical problems   aggressive behavior   other - please explain:
Have you ever given a cat up or had a cat for a brief period of time and it didn't work out? Yes No
If so, please explain the circumstances and what happened to it:

Have you ever looked at or applied for a pet with another rescue group? Yes No
If so, how long ago? Did you adopt? Please explain:

If you are unable to keep your cat for any reason at any time will you return the cat to us? Yes No
If you date or marry someone who does not like or want your pets, what would you do?
If your pet later develops a medical problem that becomes expensive, what would you do?   Find another home for him   Pay whatever it takes   Have him put to sleep   Give him to a rescue group or shelter   other - please explain:
If your pet develops a frequent urination problem at the age of 12 and can't hold it when left alone, what would you do?   Have him put to sleep since he is older   Babygate him in where flooring is not carpeted   Give him to a rescue group or shelter   Put in a catgie door   other - please explain:
If you are considering a long-haired breed, how often would the cat be groomed?
Would he get haircuts? Yes No Would you do it yourself? Yes No Have a groomer do it? Yes No

What type of food will you feed?   something from the grocery store   premium food from a pet supply store  
Brand name:

Has a cat or puppy died on your premises in the last 6 months of distemper, parvo or unknown causes? Yes No
Please list the names, addresses and phone numbers of 2 personal references:
How did you hear about Forgotten Paws?   website   newspaper   word of mouth   radio   at an adoption day   other - please specify:
Typing your name below will serve as legal signature.

By signing below, I am attesting to the truthfulness of my answers. Falsification of any of the above information will be grounds for disallowing the adoption of rescue cat and possible removal of said cat from my home. Applicant must be 23 years of age or older. Forgotten Paws reserves the right to refuse any applicant.